Sunday, December 15, 2013

If you knew more you would care!

Why do we need to do whatever we can to protect our tropical rainforests around the world?
Because we all need these forests and their biodiversity for survival – just think about the air that you breathe wherever you read this blog, or the water that you drink as you consume this content or the food that you eat…or the medicine you have taken today to feel better….All these bare essentials are influenced by what is happening in the rain forest in the Amazon for example or the forests in Costa Rica or the Congo….actually the plants in these tropical forests generate 40% of the world’s oxygen, 80% of our food originates in the rainforest and 25% of all pharmaceuticals originate from the rainforest….these tropical forests regulate our weather and our atmosphere on a global scale. Yet the forest and all the animals and plans that live there are under serious threats from either developments and/or climate change which poses a risk for all of us. According to the United Nations Environment Program, tropical rainforests are vanishing at an alarming rate of about 4.6 million hectares or 18,000 square miles per year.  It is high time that we do something about these alarming developments.

I am thrilled to say that my team at HP in collaboration with Conservation International has created a program called HP Earth Insights – together we are working on dramatically improving the accuracy and speed of analysis of data in environmental science – specifically the tropical rainforests. It is about bringing BIG DATA VERTICA  technology to ecological research done in 16 tropical forest around the globe…with our technology we can analyse the data 89% faster than before and what took entire teams weeks and months in the past can be done by a single person in a matter of hours
And whilst we have just started to collaborate we have already very surprising findings from our collaboration – about significant declines in specific species we are monitoring – but now we can help manage this delicate ecosystem – with the help of our Enterprise services colleagues at HP we have created a dashboard that shows us what is going on …with this WILDLIFE PICTURE INDEX ANALYTICS SYSTEM  we have created a new dashboard that performs a massive number of simulations and data analytics and it has become an early warning system for conservation efforts….so stay tuned – I am sure that we will have tremendously important findings that will drive our actions going forward. We need to do more to protect our environment. And we all need to deeply care and get engaged to change the current trajectory.

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